Fierce player vs player combats through Internet


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Panzar is a multiplayer action game (with slight touches of strategy and role), which will allow various players to come face to face through Internet in spectacular duels set in a medieval fantasy universe where humans, orcs, dwarves and a mysterious race of witches are at constant war.

Following the general guidelines of this genre, the players will have the possibility to choose between different types of characters, being able to choose two amongst each of the races. The orcs have the berserker and the tanks, while humans can choose between paladins and inquisitors, the dwarves between sappers and gunners and the witches between sisters of ice or of fire.

Each race has its own advantages and disadvantages, and more importantly their own talents tree. Thanks to this talents tree we will be able to access new spells and special techniques. But, to get enough experience for this we will have to show our worth on the battle field.

The most spectacular and surprising bit of Panzar, however, has nothing to do with the way battles are fought PvP, which is quite traditional, but with its graphic section. The game uses the CryEngine 3 engine (the same as Crysis 3) and consequently, offers a spectacular graphic finish very superior to many commercial games.

Panzar is an online duel game, which thanks to a simple mechanic oriented to pure action and a spectacular graphic section, has the potential to hook users looking for a direct and entertaining experience.
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